Digital Cable TV

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Digital Cable TV

Get ready to change the way you watch Televisoion with Sampark Infotainment.

Over 500 Digital Channels

Get more movies, sports, cultural programming and classics, like you've never had before.

Movie Zone

Enjoy your favorite movies, series and special events available on our channels in crystal clear digital picture and sound.

Digital quality picture and sound

Our network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. See digital crispness. Hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theater system, or simply through an ordinary television, you'll appreciate the difference digital quality makes. And you'll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services.

No unsightly dish or weather interference

DigiCable is hardwired right into your home through your existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing, unlike satellite dishes, which are affected by weather conditions. Plus, you won't have to install an unsightly dish on your home.

Fully-interactive channel guide

Our easy-to-use, on-screen Interactive Channel Guide puts you in the driver's seat with control and convenience. It's totally customizable to your viewing lifestyle and offers incredible search flexibility. You can scan the schedule for all listings and descriptions for the next three days. Search by time, by program type, by channel type. Find any program easily and quickly by punching in the first few letters of the title. Browse other channel listings without missing a second of the program you are watching. You can even set reminders for later in the day or week, so you never forget to catch your favorite show.


Easy installation (No dish required)

Weather-proof signal (No rain interruptions)

Interactive Services

24/7 Customer Support

Local Channels

Free Customer Service

Digital Distribution

Currently, Space Visionā€˜s core business is delivering entertainment via all digital and analog mediums.
We are committed to provide customers with high quality entertainment with the widest range of choices.

Digital Proposition

Space Vision aims to have a pan-India presence in the space of content delivery. We are driven by the vision to redefine and deliver complete entertainment to our subscribers.
Through a customer focused value proposition which includes offering more channels and content to suit local requirements we are constantly thriving to equip our customers with more choice.
We also aim to enhance the level of TV entertainment through our Value-added services like video on demand, interactive TV etc.

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Get ready to change the way you watch Televisoion with Sampark Infotainment.